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Hair Drug Testing FAQ's


Below are hair drug testing most frequently asked questions.

Q: Is it possible to even pass a hair drug test if you have used drugs in the past.

Q: I heard a hair test can look back up on your whole life's drug use history, is this true?

Q: What happens if you're bald/have no body hair, or shave every bit of hair off your body, what will the lab do?

Q: I heard that body hair has a higher concentration of stored drugs in it than head hair, is there any truth to this?

Q: What parts of the body besides the head can they take hair from for a hair drug test?

Q: I heard it's harder to pass a drug test and you can even show up positive for drugs if you've never done them with african american and latino hair?

Q: What recommendations can you give to pass a hair drug test?


A: While hair drug testing is very difficult to pass if you have used drugs before, it's not impossible. We feel that if you follow the advice on this website, you'll give yourself the best chance of passing a hair drug test.


A: A hair drug test can only look back for as long as your hair is. After 90 days of growth, which is generally 1 1/2 inches of hair for most people, the drug metabolites in your hair tend to wash out. So in order to get the most accurate reading, hair labs will only look back 90 days. Theoretically, if your hair was down to your knees, which represented let's say 4 years of growth, they could look back four years, But once again, after 90 days of growth, a hair drug test can become inaccurate. Hair tests can not look back your whole life unless you never got a hair cut since the time you were born.


A: If you have no hair on your body because you've shaved it our because you just don't have any, it does not mean you're free and clear of taking a hair test. Usually labs are hired by companies that require their employees submit to hair testing. These companies have contingency plans in the case you don't have hair. They may make you submit to a urine, saliva, blood, sweat, or fingernail drug test instead. Or, they may tell you that you have to come back after you let your hair grow some so they can take a sample. It's up to the company or entity that hired the lab that makes the rules. Having no hair is not a free pass to not having to take a hair drug test.


A: Yes there is. Body hair grows slower than head hair, and thus toxins can accumulate more in body hair. Avoid giving body hair for a hair drug test if at all possible.


A: One of the advantages of hair testing is that it's less intrusive and more comfortable (yeah right) for everyone than submitting to a urine test. So hair drug testing companies will tend to go to less intrusive places on the body first where there is adequate accumulation of hair. So in most cases, if they are not taking hair from your head, they tend to go the the chest, underarms, and usually as a last resort your pubic area. It's tough to get an adequate sample from leg or arm hair, and beards mustaches, and eyebrow hair is rarely taken.


A: This ones a hot potato. Hair drug testing companies say that all hair tests the same, whether your caucasian, black or latino. But there are a couple of lawsuits pending right now with African Americans who claim they have not done drugs and tested positive. It's hard to say if it's true, we are not even sure, but we can say if it's proven to be true, then this will be the downfall of hair testing in the US, as hair testing would be deemed discriminatory.


A: If you need to pass a hair drug test, then you should visit the page on this site that discusses reviews of methods to pass a hair drug test. Click here to learn the best ways to pass a hair drug test.