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Methods To Beat A Hair Drug Test


Below are reviews and recommendations of various methods and products that are available to beat a hair drug test. We tested 6 different individuals, using an independent hair testing lab. Six hair samples were taken from each individual, and treated separate from one another with each of the methods reviewed below.

One of our test subjects had a close family member who worked at this lab, so we were able to get the testing done very inexpensively, but accurately enough to know which method most effectively can beat a hair drug test.

Our test group broke down like this:

1. Caucasian male – 3 times per week marijuana smoker
2. Caucasian male – daily marijuana user
3. Caucasian female – twice per month marijuana user, once per month cocaine user
4. African America Male – twice per week marijuana user
5. Latino Female – 2-3 times per month meth user
6. Caucasian female – daily marijuana user, twice per week opiate prescription user

All subjects were given an initial hair test before using any of the methods or products used to beat a hair drug test reviewed below. All came back positive for the drugs they had used, so we were certain they would have failed had they not used any treatments to beat a hair drug test.

Please note that the reviews and recommendations are based on our results, which we feel is a good indication if a method is successful to beat a hair drug test. The ability to beat a hair drug test will never be 100%, anyone that claims their method or product to do so is not being honest (and yes, 99.9% effective is not being honest either).  

Product Reviews:

Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse  (Recommended) – These two treatments gave the best results of all the methods and products we tested to beat a hair drug test. All test subjects beat their hair drug tests after using these products, except for subject #6, who failed for the opiates but passed for marijuana. The manufacturers product descriptions indicate that Toxin Wash is for light THC use, and Precision Cleanse is a stronger product, for heavier THC use and cocaine/methamphetamine.

We were most impressed by the fact that Precision Cleanse worked for cocaine and methamphetamine on two different test subjects as well as marijuana on all test subjects. Both products active ingredient is a salt made from a weak base and a strong acid, and according to the website from this product, the salt is kept at virtually full strength and is not affected by the other inactive ingredients in the product (which can be a problem when mixing ingredients in manufacturing). Apparently Precision Cleanse is just a more concentrated version of Toxin Wash, and a bit more expensive as well.

We were referred to this product by one of the hair experts that we consulted when compiling information from this website. He had told us that he used it on his clients as a deep clarifying treatment, and for those that had come to him asking for chemical treatments to be done to help beat a hair drug test. He said Toxin Wash and Precision Cleanse brands are by far the strongest yet safest acid type hair treatment that cuts right through the cuticle to the outer cortex.

We liked the fact that both Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse came with complete pretreatment directions. All their recommended pretreatment methods for stripping the hair of residue and rinsing methods before using the product were scientifically sound.

The hair care expert who recommended these products to us also recommended that we use a coal tar shampoo, like Neutrogena, as an initial pretreatment shampoo before doing the Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse programs. He recommended washing the hair 6 times with the coal tar shampoo and then doing the hair treatment program.

So remember if you decide to try the Toxin Wash or Precision Cleanse, get some coal tar shampoo as well and us that first, as the coal tar wasn’t a step in the Toxin Wash/Precision Cleanse programs. Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse was the best product we tested to beat a hair drug test and comes highly recommended by us. You can click here to go to, which seems to be the main manufacturer/distributor of Toxin Wash and Precision Cleanse shampoos.

Hair Mudd – We purchased this hair mud package, followed the directions, and had only one test subject, the African American male with light marijuana use pass. All other test subjects failed so we doubt that this product is effective. We noted before trying it that the description on the website said:

Masking shampoos (Clear choice, Zydot Ultra Clean, Ultra Cleanse)

We tested only one of these three shampoos, since they all have the same ingredients and work the same way. Masking shampoos like the ones listed above are sold on most websites for around $25.00. We chose Zydot because it seemed to be the most popular one. It failed all lab test for all subjects.

Masking shampoos work by sealing the cuticle, and interfering with the test results, not by actually detoxing the hair. These shampoos used to work well, but now the labs wash the hair thoroughly before testing it, and rinse way the masking product. So masking shampoos no longer work to beat a hair drug test.

We called one of the manufacturers and they told us that they pulled their money back guarantees because of this. When we asked how they can still advertise a 99% effectiveness rate, there was silence and then we were hung up on. Our advice, steer clear of any masking shampoos.

Aloe Rid

Aloe Rid has been rumored on various internet chat rooms to work for beating a hair drug test. Aloe-rid is a clarifying shampoo used to remove accumulated pollutants. All tests results came back as failures after using Aloe-Rid. We feel that it would be a better product if it was stronger, like Toxin Wash. Anyway, it's a moot point because we were informed by the manufacturer that this product has been discontinued.

Home Remedy – Lemon Juice Method

We found this method posted on an internet website, apparently it came from one of those downloadable e-book reports you can purchase. It involved taking a bucket of tap water and letting it sit overnight with the top open. The next day, you then pour into the bucket a bottle of lemon juice, and some Epson salt. Mix well. Start by shampooing your hair 10 times with a coal tar shampoo, and then rinse everything with the lemon juice. Salt mixture.

Test results using this method were not very good. The only test subject that passed was # 3, a very light marijuana user, but failed the cocaine part of the test.

While this method did not work well, we do understand what was trying to be done here. Cleanse the cuticles with coal tar shampoo and then use an acid to penetrate the cuticles and outer cortex. The problem we feel with this method is the fact that lemon juice is not nearly a strong enough acid to penetrate the cuticle and cleanse the outer cortex. It is a nice try, but you need to have a strong industrial prepared acid (like the one on Toxin Wash) to really penetrate the cuticles.

Home Remedy – Macogo Method

This method starts with washing your hair with vinegar, then following with Salicylic acid (Acne skin liquid medication). After that you wash your hair with tide detergent and rinse.

This method had been rumored as the cure all to beat a hair drug test, but our test results showed that with this method, only subject #3, a very light marijuana user passed. All other subjects failed. Again, we feel the failure rate was due to the Salicylic acid not being a powerful enough acid to penetrate the cortex and cleanse the cuticle.


All in all, Toxin Wash & Precision Cleanse shampoos worked the best of all methods, it wasn't perfect but definitely by far outperformed any of the other methods used to beat a hair drug test. When we hear of any new products or methods used to beat a hair drug test, we will keep this section updated, but as of early 2013 these seems two seem to work best.